Unique Seating & Arrangements

Normally, when you imagine an outdoor wedding ceremony I’m sure you think of the chairs being aligned in the usual theatre seating in straight rows. There are so many ways you can get creative with your seating arrangements on the big day, which will not only make the wedding stand out, but it will also create a memorable experience for your guests.


The usual seating is arranged in a way of long rows, although it looks very simple, it does have a great organized form to it. You can alter this as well, simply by moving the chairs diagonally.

Ceremony_Seating_in_Main_Hall seating_arrangement_for_wedding_ceremony_perfect_ideas_for_your_home_»_wedding_ceremony_seating


The spiral arrangement has your guests sitting closer together, which will give more of an intimate feeling to the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom will have the chance to walk past every one of their guests. This also looks fantastic in photographs!

5_SpiralWeddingSeating2 12_SpiralWedingSeating3 86f7b1c8c57b9748fa8764f0d8f0db48


There are various directions that can be taken using the circular arrangement of seating, you have the possibility of having a full circle that has just enough space for guests to enter and exit, a semi circle would leave space for the aisle to enter into the middle of the circle, and lastly, a horseshoe arrangement also creates an intimate feel and makes sure none of your guests are looking at the bride or groom’s back.

600x600_1343165168612-DSC2291 The Labyrinth at Red Corral Ranch in Wimberley circular venueplease_semicircle2_seating_ceremony

Because there are so many details that have to be thought of when planning a wedding, the little things may be forgotten. For example seating charts and arrangements, questions always arise of where the parents of the bride and groom sit, where the grandparents sit, which side is for the bride/groom’s family and friends, etc. Heres a simple breakdown for a traditional style wedding;

  • The bride’s family and friends are seated on the left side, while the groom’s on the right. It’s a good idea to use some sort of ribbon, flower, or small detailed accent to differentiate the first few rows reserved for immediate family and special guests. Here’s a breakdown of the arrangements;
    • Rows 1: Parents
    • Rows 2: Grandparents and Siblings
    • Rows 3: Special Guests

Quite often, there are family members who are not able to attend the wedding because they have passed on, a great way to have them honored and still be apart of the event is to have a memorable photo in their assigned seat.


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